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New Harbor Behavioral Healthcare

We treat mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and ADHD at our adolescent treatment program in Massachusetts. We also treat clients who suffer from substance use disorders and other mental health conditions. In our experience, nearly all adolescents who we treat who have issues with substances also have other mental health issue. Evidence has long shown that the most important predictive factor in treatment is the rapport between practitioner and client. New Harbor Behavioral Healthcare uses solid, rapport based therapy, while incorporating holistic healing and modern therapy practices to treat all of these mental health issues and allow the individual a better and more fulfilling life. 

What We Treat


It’s normal for people in Dedham, MA, to experience some anxiety in their normal life. However, people who have anxiety disorders often feel intense, excessive feelings of fear and worry regarding everyday situations.

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According to the NIMH, depression is a “common but serious mood disorder.” The disorder affects how people think, feel, and handle daily activities. Daily activities means basics such as eating, sleeping, or attending school or work.

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It’s commonplace for people in Dedham, MA, to have ADHD, one of the most common disorders among young people. ADHD can be treated with therapeutic and medical intervention.

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Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Marijuana use has been on the rise amongst young people in Massachusetts following legalization. We treat marijuana use and marijuana addiction, and the related mental health concerns that often accompany this issue.
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Substance use disorders

Substance use disorder is a complex condition involving a pattern of substance use, often to alter mood or behavior. SUD is a treatable issue that ranges in intensity from mild to severe, with the severe end being physical addiction.

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Alcohol use disorder

Around 60% of American adults report they drink alcoholic beverages. Problematic alcohol use remains the biggest substance use problem in the country by a wide margin. 

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Cocaine Addiction Treatment for adolescents and adults in Ma

Cocaine use disorder

Between 2020 and 2021, there was an increase of almost 30% in drug-related overdoses in the USA. Drug addiction is a difficult problem for both individuals and their families. Many of the fentanyl overdoses today involve people consuming what they believe to be cocaine.
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Opiate Use Disorder

It’s essential to recognize the symptoms of opiate use disorder to seek help as early as possible. Opioids give people high levels of positive feelings, increasing the chances that those people will keep using them even with negative consequences.

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