Treatment for Self Harm

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Self-harm is the deliberate act of inflicting pain upon oneself. It can come in many forms including scratching, hair pulling, bruising, cutting, or similar actions. Self-harming adolescents may be suffering from a further, underlying mental illness. Some individuals use these behaviors to cope with a traumatic event. If your child is suffering from self-harm, seek treatment as soon as possible to address any concerns. New Harbor Behavioral Health offers an outpatient treatment center for self-harming adolescents to develop coping skills that can be used throughout daily life through a personalized treatment plan.

Treatment Goals and Objectives for Self Harm

Unlike other treatment plans, goals and objectives for self-harm should focus on the underlying causes. Self-harm is often a result of a deeper struggle from depression to abuse.  Mental health illnesses that could trigger self-harm include:

Through outpatient treatment, a psychologist or other mental health professional can diagnose any mental health illnesses that may contribute to self-harm.

Signs and Symptoms of Self Harm

It is not always easy to notice the impact of self-harm on an individual. Oftentimes, adolescents will wear clothing that hides self-inflicted injuries. Self-harm is any non-suicidal self-injury that is caused purposely. It is usually not meant as a suicide attempt but can cause both physical and emotional tension on an individual.

Self-harm symptoms may include:

  • Cuts, bruises, scratches, or other wounds
  • Scars
  • Burns
  • Wearing long sleeves and pants regardless of the weather
  • Closing oneself off to relationships with others
  • Quick or impulsive changes in behavior
  • Talk of mental health struggles or hopelessness

There is no limit on the impact self-harming can have on an adolescent. Any concerns about the possibility that your child is self-harming should be addressed as soon as possible.

Outpatient Treatment for Self Harm

Through outpatient treatment, adolescents can seek treatment without removing them from school and their daily lives. This allows them to continue their normal lives more than they would in a residential program. Outpatient programs work with parents, guardians, and even schools to ensure patients are on track with both the program and academics or other aspects of daily life.

An outpatient program is ideal for those who do not need hospitalization or inpatient, round the clock treatment. Adolescents are still able to attend school and regular activities, as well as return home at the end of the day. For youth, it can be hard to seek treatment while in school and surrounded by peers. Outpatient treatment allows them to get the help they need in a private and personalized approach.

Addressing Adolescent Self Harm

Self-harming can be a delicate subject to address with teens and adolescents. It is usually the result of serious and painful underlying emotions. An outpatient treatment center can help address the underlying issues that may be causing your child to self-harm. This is a safe way for their emotions to be addressed where they can learn proper coping skills to use in daily life.

It may be hard for an adolescent to confidently reach out and seek help. Communication on such a painful topic should help support their journey towards treatment. Always acknowledge the emotions that they may be feeling in order to address the issue. At New Harbor Behavioral Healthcare, our team of mental health professionals will work with patients to overcome struggles with self-harm through a personalized approach that prioritizes their individual needs.

Massachusetts Towns & Cities We Serve

We accept adolescents for our self-harm treatment program from the following cities and towns in Massachusetts:











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All clients going through our self-harm outpatient treatment programs are treated at our facility in Dedham, Massachusetts. These programs help clients manage symptoms of trauma to cope with emotional distress, regulate impulses, and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

If you live in these towns/cities, fill out a pre-screen form to get started through one of our adolescent treatment programs.

Getting Help for Adolescent Self Harm

New Harbor Behavioral Health are professionals who specialize in treating adolescent self harm, and seeking their help can greatly benefit those struggling.