Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment in Dedham, MA

Teenagers in Massachusetts may simultaneously have substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health problems. About 60% of American adults say they drink alcohol, and alcohol use disorder is also common among teenagers. Mental health problems, a genetic predisposition, or environmental factors can cause a substance use disorder.

To deal with SUD and mental health problems simultaneously, it is important to find the right treatment program. At New Harbor Behavioral Healthcare, we help teens in Massachusetts with substance use disorders and mental health problems simultaneously.

A substance use disorder can be caused by using drugs or alcohol in a problematic way that can harm health, cause external consequences, or lead to immeasurable internal suffering. Depending on you, or your loved one’s symptoms, alcohol use disorder can range from mild to severe. It includes drinking too much and not being able to stop, even if it hurts your health or life.

At New Harbor Behavioral Healthcare, our SUD treatment programs for teens are run using best practices in the industry. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Outpatient Program (OP) help teens who have problems with substance abuse in many ways. Our team of highly skilled and experienced clinicians use evidence-based therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), and family therapy to help people get to the root causes of their substance abuse.

Integrated care also helps with mental health problems like depression or anxiety that happen at the same time. Our approach helps teens find ways to deal with problems and keep from falling back into old habits that work for them.

New Harbor Behavioral Healthcare is the best place in Massachusetts for teens with SUD and other mental health problems. With a focus on personalized care and a commitment to best practices in the field, our programs offer high-quality care that helps teens on their way to recovery.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program in Dedham, MA

A SUD treatment program in Dedham, MA, addresses drug and alcohol abuse. The primary benefit of attending an alcohol addiction treatment program in Dedham, MA, is that you can start participating in therapy and counseling that has proven effective.

Recent studies show that using cognitive-behavioral therapy or other therapies in conjunction with pharmacotherapy demonstrated the best results. Pharmacotherapy is a widely used treatment for opioid and alcohol use.

One of the most common medication-assisted treatments used is naltrexone. Medication can blunt alcohol’s effect, diminishing the pleasurable sensations.

In return, it can reduce relapse and dependency. However, other behavioral therapies can help you change thoughts and behaviors.

For example, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a gold-standard approach for treating several mental health disorders. A trained professional in CBT is crucial to milking its benefits. 

CBT helps you identify faulty thought patterns. It also challenges your current thoughts surrounding substance use disorder. The goal of CBT is long-term and positive thought and behavior changes. 


IOP vs. Outpatient Therapy

Say you have a mild alcohol use disorder or have completed several inpatient rehab steps. At this point, you may feel ready to transition back home and start reintegrating into the real world. This process might entail finding a job, rebuilding relationships, and working on your mental and physical health. 

Is an IOP or outpatient therapy right for you? While most tend to err toward outpatient therapy, IOP is a great bridge between intensive residential stints and outpatient. 

Treatment can vary based on the clinic. But you can expect upwards of nine hours of therapy weekly, helping you slowly wean from higher levels of care while avoiding relapse risks. 


Enroll in an Alcohol Treatment Program Today

A substance use disorder treatment program in Dedham, MA, can help you with alcohol use disorder. Whether you have mild or severe alcohol use disorder, Dedham, MA, has an alcohol treatment program that fits your unique needs. A PHP or IOP are two excellent choices for those who do not need 24/7 care but may need more intensive therapy.

Many people can recover from substance use disorders with the right program and professionals on their side. Visit New Harbor Behavioral Healthcare today and find out how you or a loved one can enroll today!