Marijuana use disorder

Marijuana Use Disorder

Individual states have begun legalizing marijuana for both recreational and medicinal use. As it becomes legalized, the use of the substance is becoming more popular. Historically, people in Dedham, MA, and other locations have used marijuana for its mind-altering properties. Those properties include mood changes and enhanced senses.

Unfortunately, many don’t realize that marijuana can have harmful side effects. Those side effects can include memory loss and paranoia. Marijuana has the potential to be addictive, which will be disruptive to both life and relationships.

What Is Marijuana Use Disorder?

According to the CDC, approximately 3 in 10 people who are marijuana users develop marijuana use disorder. What exactly does it mean? It means that those people can’t stop using marijuana no matter what the consequences are in their lives, and the risks of developing marijuana use disorder are higher for those who start using the substance at a young age. A different study that the CDC quoted claims that approximately 10% of marijuana users are likely to become addicted.

Signs of Marijuana Use Disorder

There are several signs that someone has developed a marijuana use disorder. Those include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Using more marijuana than they meant to use
  • Trying to quit using marijuana but being unable to quit
  • Spending large amounts of time using marijuana
  • Craving marijuana
  • Using marijuana despite problems caused at school, work, or home
  • Using marijuana even after it has caused issues within a relationship
  • Choosing to use marijuana over activities with friends or family
  • Using marijuana when it creates a risk, such as when driving a car
  • Using marijuana even when they have physical or psychological issues
  • Requiring more marijuana to achieve the same high
  • Stopping marijuana use causes withdrawal symptoms

Those with this disorder could also be at a higher risk of developing other negative issues like memory, learning, or attention problems. Some people with i must use more and more marijuana in order to get high. Marijuana with a high concentration of THC will have stronger effects on the brain.

Those with this disorder can have mild, moderate, or severe symptoms. Those with mild marijuana use disorder will have two or three symptoms. Moderate sufferers have four or five symptoms, and those with severe marijuana use disorder will exhibit six or more symptoms.

Available Treatments for Marijuana Use Disorder

It is similar to other substance abuse disorders because people who deal with the disorder may also suffer from other psychiatric disorders or substance abuse issues. Sometimes treating mental health issues that are present will help alleviate the marijuana use disorder. Some of the treatments that could be helpful for it in Dedham, MA, include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: This therapy teaches people strategies that help them identify and correct the behaviors that lead to the abuse of marijuana and other substances.
  • Contingency management: This treatment monitors specific behaviors and rewards positive behavior changes.
  • Motivational enhancement therapy: This treatment spurs the person to be internally motivated to change.


It is much like other substance use disorders. In Dedham, MA, those with marijuana use disorder can experience mild, moderate, or severe symptoms. Because symptoms are often tied to other mental issues, sufferers can usually benefit from behavioral health treatments.