Rehabilitate With Dignity Using Our Addiction Treatment Program

We believe individuals suffering from substance use disorder deserve the highest standard of care and compassion to aid in their recovery, which is why we provide addiction treatment programs in Dedham, MA. Our unique treatment programs help humanize the rehabilitation process and help people go on to live full and joyful lives. By researching rehabilitation facilities, you have already taken the first step. Allow us to help you the rest of the way by offering personalized, attentive and empathetic care and support, and you can live the life you have always aspired to. 

Who We Serve

We assist individuals struggling with substance use disorder, specifically those struggling with alcohol or drug-related disorders. The age of those we serve varies significantly, from individuals 18 years of age, all the way to 65+. We serve both men and women, empowering them by giving them tools and strategies they may incorporate into their life going forward. We do, however, separate treatment programs between men and women to thoroughly address the unique needs or concerns of each group. We have a women’s rehabilitation program, as well as a men’s rehabilitation in Dedham, MA.

Our hope for every individual who participates in any of our programs is that they receive the support they need to become independent of our support by the end of their program, though, of course, our doors are always open to those requiring additional support. By helping you overcome your substance use disorder, we strive to help you achieve any life goals, whether personal, physical, or professional, that may have been inhibited by substance use. 

Programs Offered

Our facilities are fully equipped for partial hospitalization programs, (also known as PHP), and intensive outpatient programs, (also known as IOP), to suite your personal treatment needs. Different individuals have different schedules and obligations, so the treatment program that works best for one person may vary from someone else’s ideal treatment program, which is why we offer multiple options. The biggest difference between PHP and IOP treatment is the time commitment and budget. The severity of addiction, as well as whether you have previously been to an addiction treatment facility will all help determine which program best suites your needs. 

PHP Addiction Treatment Center

PHP is the more intense addiction treatment we offer.

About PHP

PHP addiction treatment centers generally provide a more involved level of care for individuals struggling with substance use disorder than IOP addiction treatment centers. Though they are a level below full inpatient rehabilitation or residential rehabilitation in terms of intensity, they are an ideal option for those seeking more support while also desiring to maintain a somewhat regular schedule and outside connection. Generally, the time commitment it significant, but still personalized depending on your needs. Sessions are usually four to eight hours a day, and occur approximately five days a week, though this can be adjusted depending on schedule and personal requirements.

Who Benefits Most from PHP

PHP generally benefit people who have already undergone residential treatment, but still face some likelihood of relapse. While less intense than residential treatment programs, PHP gives individuals struggling with substance use disorder greater access to medical staff and facilities, that they may not have as much access to in a less intense treatment program. This feature makes it well-suited for individuals who are going through a detox. Depending on the difficulty of the detox, the level of medical care may be adjusted, and when individuals feel ready to gain more independence, they may switch to lower level of treatment than PHP. PHP is also great for people who have just left residential treatment, but still desire a greater level of support. 

Unique Benefits of PHP

The amount of scheduling and structure built into PHP makes it the ideal option for individuals struggling with substance use who may fall into relapse if given too much independence. It is one of the best “in-between” programs, that can serve as a stepping stone between residential treatment and living life fully independently. The intensity of PHP helps prevent relapse in at-risk individuals. It allows individuals to slow down, gradually reintegrate, and fully recover from substance abuse.

IOP Addiction Treatment Center

IOP is a logical next step after PHP, as it is a level below PHP in terms of intensity. 

About IOP

IOP, or intensive outpatient programs, offer more flexibility and freedom than PHP. It is much less of a time commitment, usually totaling 7-15 hours a week, with visits occurring approximately 3 days a week. The number, length and nature of each session may vary based on the unique needs of the individual, and it is subject to change based on the progress of the individual undergoing treatment. Treatment in IOP tends to be less medical than it may be in PHP, instead offering mental and emotional support such as counseling or therapy. Individuals may also benefit from group therapy or activities, as they seek to reintegrate. These group sessions help people form connections with others who can relate to their struggle and encourage their recovery.

Who Benefits most from IOP?

People who require support, but still have day-to-day obligations such as children or a job would benefit most from the flexibility of IOP. IOP addiction treatment centers allow people to continue daily activities while still receiving support they need to reintegrate successfully. Because of this, IOP may be a more sustainable or long-term option for people, and allows them to maintain contact with the world outside of the treatment facility.