Mental Health Treatment Programs in Dedham, MA

Adolescent Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

At New Harbor, we are fully licensed to treat mental health conditions, and we offer an intensive outpatient program specifically geared toward the mental health needs of adolescents in the Dedham, MA and the surrounding communities. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and all that shutdown measures entailed, the need for adolescent mental health care is at an all time high. Young people today are suffering from every manner of anxiety and depression, are socially isolated, and in general, are struggling to cope with their daily lives. Academic life, social life, athletic life, and family life, plus our collective uncertain future around matters like climate change, all combine to have young people feeling like they are facing an uphill battle.

Against this backdrop, our team is offering an after school mental health intensive outpatient program to try to help with this epidemic of youth mental health needs. Young people come to us for a combination of group and individual psychotherapy several days per week for three hours each day. We support them in building coping schools, developing self reliance, and learning how to manage their own minds and emotions in the face of today’s mounting pressures.


Benefits of Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Programs

Parents, teachers, and other trusted adults who support teenagers are usually the first to notice when a teenager is struggling with mental health symptoms. Early intervention can significantly support positive change, and in many instances, young people will need more than weekly therapy. For those in need of extra support, an intensive outpatient program offers the benefit of steady and consistent care, while allowing the young person to remain connected to their school, home, and social life. 

In supporting adolescents, while residential treatment and psychiatric hospitalization is sometimes needed, for many teenagers, these interventions are best left as a measure of last resort. Assessment with clinicians or primary care providers can help families to understand the various levels of care and what option will be the best help give each client’s specific circumstances. When teenagers can receive solid care, and also remain connected to school and family life, they often have better treatment outcomes.

At intensive outpatient treatment at New Harbor, teenagers learn new coping strategies in order to better manage their lives and to learn how to regulate themselves emotionally in the future. Some of the features and benefits of the program are as follows:

  • Avoiding isolation with similarly situated peers: Some teenagers lack social interaction with peers entirely, and others may have friends who are not facing the same struggles as those are who are dealing with mental health issues. Participating in a safe therapeutic community with like age peers who are going through similar struggles can be a catalyst for mental health recovery.
  • The power of the group: Discussing issues amongst other peers in a group setting can be a powerful way to promote healing. Our care combines this setting with individual support for the individual, as well as coaching and therapy for parents and other caregivers in the home.
  • High level of accountability. IOP offers significant support and a much higher level of therapeutic accountability then weekly therapy. When young people are coming out of a hospital or residential placement, or need substantial support to avoid those settings, IOP can make a significant positive impact.
  • Truly individualized treatment planning: our team at New Harbor will create a detailed and individualized treatment plan which can be constantly updated and revised given the amount of time we spend with each client, and the chance to observe them in groups with others.

Massachusetts Towns & Cities We Serve

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We serve clients from these communities and others who can drive to Dedham. All clients are treated at our intensive outpatient treatment facility in Dedham, Massachusetts.

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Adolescents in Dedham, MA, who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues could find intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) programs beneficial for learning coping skills to help them navigate their daily lives.