Telehealth Program

Telehealth Services: Access Care from Home

We believe strongly in in-person therapeutic services, but acknowledge that life is busy for young people and for their families, parents, and caregivers. To that end, we offer the ability for the young people in our care to do some of their therapeutic services via telehealth, meaning that they can log into individual and group sessions via their phone or computer. This flexibility allows for our care to wrap around the schedules that society has come to expect our young people to keep, meaning lots of obligations blend together across busy days and weeks. At times, too, families will struggle to get young people to the center. We accept this and want to offer the families and young people we support the flexibility they need to get the care they deserve.

Our telehealth programming is delivered via HIPAA compliant video and audio technology, ensuring the appropriate standards of data security and confidentiality.   

Why Offer Telehealth At All?

Adolescents in Dedham, MA, who are struggling with substance abuse problems and co-occurring mental health issues could find intensive outpatient treatment programs beneficial for learning coping skills to help them navigate their daily lives.